Family Owned
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Since 2008
Family Owned & Operated Since 2008

Harlan, Iowa


Open 6 days a Week!* -ย Dine-in or Carry Out

Monday - 11 to 2 pm (Lunch Only)

Tuesdayย through Friday - 11 to 8 pm (Lunch/Dinner)

Saturday - 11 to 2 pm (Lunch Only)

* Closed all major Holiday unless otherwise posted.

Catering Available with 24 hour notice.

From Facebook

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We don't have Corned Beef & Cabbage today, but we do have Awesome Reubens, Betta' Reu-Burgers, Rachel's, and Randalls for an alternate choice.

Today's soups are French Onion or Loaded Creamy Potato.

Desserts: We have a few slices of Lemon Lime Meringue Pie, Oreo Cream De Menthe Extreme Cream Pie and Scotcharoos.

Have a great weekend.
posted: March 17th

We have Flying Pig Slop and Very Veggie soups today.

Desserts: We have a few slices of 1/2 Mile High Creme Dr Menthe Browie Pie or Lemon Lime Meringue Pie and Scotcharoos. #forkingawesome
posted: March 16th

Today we have Broccoli Cheddar and Ronald Reagan soups for your enjoyment.

Desserts: Scotharoos and ?
posted: March 15th

Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather today. We have Cheesy Hash Brown or Tomato Basil soups.

Reserve a slice of Lemon Meringue Pie or grab a Scotcharoo.
posted: March 14th
  • I will call two slices for us!!! ()
  • Cindy Allmon Now this looks like Grandma's :) ()
  • Yes it does yummy for the tummy! ()

Tuesday- Stop in for Loaded Creamy Potato or Ronald Reagan (Hamburger Vefetable with Hominy) Soups today.

Check out our Awesome Desserts today. We have Coconut Cream Pie, 1/2 Mile High Peanut Butter Brownie Pie or Scotcharoos. #forkingawesome
posted: March 13th

Today we have Creamy Chicken Wild Rice or Tomato Basil soups. Wr also have Scotcharoos!
posted: March 12th

Flying Pig Slop or Tomato Basil soups today.

We have Scotcharoos and Strawberry Moon Pie cake for your sweet side.
posted: March 9th

We have a nice batch of Ham & Bean or French Onion soups today.

We have Scotcharoos and ??? for desserts as well.
posted: March 8th

Warm up with a cup of Chicken Noodle or Cheesy Hash Brown soups today.

We have Scotcharoos and Nishna Mud Brownies for your enjoyment.
posted: March 7th

Get out enjoy Loaded Creamy Potato or Beefy Noodle soups today.

Scotcharoos and ?
posted: March 6th

Looks like a nice day for Broccoli Cheddar and French Onion soups.

Grab a Scotcharoos for a snack.
posted: March 5th

Look what we have this evening. Lemon pudding layered cake. #forkingawesome
posted: March 2nd
  • Randy, all these tempting cake creations are cruel!! ;) Yummmm!! <3 ()
  • Lloyd Allen ()
  • Save some for me!!! ()
  • Monica Flathers isn't this what you just posted about ()
  • Looks yummy ()
  • yummy! ()
  • Pass the cake please! ()
  • It was delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹ ()

Today we have Flying Pig Slop or Tomato Basil soups.

We have Scotcharoos and whatever I can crank out this morning.

Something for everyone! My daughter put this nice collage of pics together for us.
posted: March 2nd
  • Any shrimp Po Boys tonight? ()
  • Nope (Sandwich Bowl LLC)

Today we have French Onion or Creamy Chicken Wild Rice soups.

Desserts: Scotcharoos and Strawberry Cheesecake Extreme Cream Pie.
posted: March 1st

Todsy we have Cheesy Hash Brown or Chicken Florentine soups.

Desserts: We have Scotcharoos and Hot Fudge Caramel Cake.
posted: February 28th

Loaded Creamy Potato or Ronald Reagan (Hamburger Vegetable) Soup today.

We have Scotcharoos and ?
posted: February 27th

Soups today are Cheesy Hash Brown or Blindfold Chili.

Desserts: We have Scotcharoos and Granny Cookies.

See you for lunch.
posted: February 26th

Shrimp Po-Boys as a feature today. We have Flying Pig Slop or Clam Chowder.

Grab a Scotcharoo or Oatmeal Dark Chocolate bar.
posted: February 23rd
  • Nick I want one ()
  • Derrick Steinkuehler ()
  • Looks yummy!! ()
  • Nick ()

We are open today with French Onion or Cheesy Medley soups.

Desserts: Cheese Cake with Cherry topping, Scotcharoos, Granny Cookies, or Oatmeal Dark Chocolate bars. We have your sweet side covered.
posted: February 22nd

Soups today are Cheesy Hash Brown or Tomato Basil.

Check out this beautiful Cheesecake with Cherry topping. We also have Scotcharoos and Granny Cookies for your enjoyment.
posted: February 21st
  • Chris Reisz should have went to Harlan ()

From Facebook

Thursday we have Chicken Chili and Sour Cream Raisin Pie for your enjoyment. Pass the word. #forkingawesome
posted: October 5th

We are trying out a new soup recipe today after one of our most popular sandwiches: the Big Dipper! Grilled yellow onions, pepperoni, and Philly steak in a delicious beef broth topped with provolone cheese.

Try a slice of our Chocolate Brownie Pumpkin Cake. #forkingawesome
posted: October 4th

Chicken Noodle sounds really good today.
posted: October 3rd

Who likes our Scotcharoos? We make fresh Scotcharoos daily for your sweet tooth

Todays soup is Tomato Basil.
posted: October 2nd


  • Ohhh! Tomato basil soup is my FAVORITE!!!!! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค— (Holly Snyder-Stinn)
  • the pig! :) (Colette Bone Plagman)
  • Beverly Ann Martz look! (Chelsea Laura Martz)

What a great day to stsrt off with a cup of Creamy Chicken Wild Rice soup. See you for lunch!
posted: September 30th

We have our Smoked Beef Brisket sandwich served on a toasted garlic butter hoagie roll with a side of Lil" Angels BBQ sauce. Now pair that with a bowl of Flying Pig Slop for lunch today. See you soon! #forkingawesome
posted: September 29th

Who neede a slice of Pumkin Pecan Crunch Cake with 3 layers of cream cheese frosting.
#forkingawesome #harlaniowa #iowafoodfan #pumpkincake
posted: September 28th

Who misses our French Onion soup? Well it's back for lunch today. Time to get reacquainted.
posted: September 28th


  • I will *burp* to that. (Annette Zacho)

Tonight we have Blindfold Chili.

Try a slice of our Vanilla Pudding Raspberry layered cake. This is an old Danish cake recipe has been in our family recipe box for years.
So refreshing as dad would say! #forkingawesome #harlaniowa
posted: September 27th


  • Looks delicious! Too bad I'm out of town or we'd be getting some. (Kristina Jones)

Today's soup is Cheesy Hash Brown!

How about a slice of our made from scratch chocolate layered cake wiith peanut butter - butter cream frosting. #forkingawesome #madefromscratch #harlaniowa
posted: September 26th

It's a Tomato Basil type of day today.
posted: September 25th

Saturday - We will be serving Philly Cheesesteak Soup. Meet up with family and friends in Historic downtown Harlan. #harlaniowa
posted: September 23rd

Look what we have for Friday other than our famous Flying Pig Slop!

I made two Coconut Cream Pies with Meringue topping. One has Chocolate and Chopped Almonds. Now that's Forking Awesome! #madefromscratch #lardcrust #coconutcream #meringue #iowafoodfan #harlaniowa
posted: September 22nd

Let's get fired up with Ham & Bean soup today.
posted: September 21st

Is it too early for Pumpkin Spice Extreme Cream Pie? Well, I made one anyway!
posted: September 20th


  • My faaaavorite!!! (Laura Andersen)
  • Your pumpkin pie is delicious! (Calla Poldberg)
  • Hope you have some Tuesday night when I come I . (Jeanna Winston Rudolph)
  • ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ (Ashley Marie Schechinger)
  • Never to soon yum! (Mike Burroughs)

Just in time for dinner. Sour Cream Raisin Pie!
posted: September 20th

Today's soup is real homestyle chicken noodle soup. See you soon!
posted: September 20th

Tuesday is Loaded Creamy Potato soup.
posted: September 19th

Today's soup is Broccoli Cheddar.

Today's Desserts we have Lemon Meringue Pie or Chocolate Fudge Extreme Cream Pie.
posted: September 18th


  • Peaks (Kristine Olson Harmon)

Who's excited about Prime Time and Flying Pig Slop? Open at 11. Call early to reserve your slice of Awesomeness.
posted: September 15th

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